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Book Oman Air on Travelport and win exciting prizes

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Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius announces the appointment of Global Aviation services PVT LTD as its Passenger General Sales Agent in South India with twice weekly online operations from Bengaluru  & Chennai.

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In an effort to eliminate unnecessary cost and efforts as an agent and to offer our customers the best possible services Kuwait Airways reviews all reservation and ticketing activities.

This document will provide you with a transparent overview of the circumstances under which an ADM will be issued and explain guidelines that Kuwait Airways applies to ensure the proper issuance of tickets, in compliance with tariffs rules, general conditions of carriage and other instructions provided by Kuwait Airways and IATA. Kuwait Airways may, from time to time, provide Travel Service Provider with information deems appropriate for use and/or knowledge in booking and/or ticketing an air transportation on Kuwait Airways and such information will supplement this policy.

The Policy applies to all Travel Service Providers, who maintain the responsibility to ensure all of its employees and contractors, in all of its locations, to comply with this policy, including future updates and amendments. Infractions made to this policy will result in an Agency Debit Memo (ADM) effective 01APR’18, in accordance with IATA Resolution 850m.

General information on ADM Policy

ADMs are issued for tickets, PNR and/or booking related transactions. This includes previously made reservation and ticket usage transactions.

Kuwait Airways raises an ADM for non-compliance with fare, ticketing and reservation rules.

Kuwait Airways issues ADMs within 6 months after the last date of travel. However, in certain cases Kuwait Airways reserves the right to issue an ADM up to 9 months after the last date of travel.

Physical copies of ADMs will not be sent to agent. However, Kuwait Airways shall provide the agent with supporting documents and breakdown upon request.

Kuwait Airways endeavors to provide as much information as possible on an ADM to ensure that reasons of charges are clarified.

Kuwait Airways includes only one ticket on an ADM for better overview giving contact person name with email-address.

Kuwait Airways does not issue an ADM if the total amount is less than USD 5.00, exceptions for this rule are made in certain cases, e.g. for tax corrections or unauthorized provisions. In case of persistent errors, the minimum value shall not be applicable.

Kuwait Airways collects no administrative fee for issuance of each fare, booking related ADMs

Types of ADMs issued by KUWAIT AIRWAYS

ADMs are legitimate accounting tool for use by all BSP airlines and raised to collect amounts or make adjustments to agent transactions in respect of the issuance and use of BSP STDs validated on Kuwait Airways regardless of which carriers are included in the itinerary. Alternative uses of ADMs may also exist: an ADM could also be issued for debits that are not directly related to Traffic documents, e.g. deposits or penalties for group sales, GDS or booking misuses, etc. In general, the scope covers but is not limited to:

1- Under-collection and/or omission on fares, tour package prices, penalties, change fee, sundry charges etc.

2- Under-collection and/or omission of Taxes, government or local authority charges and fees, fuel surcharges etc.

3- Contravention of fare rules

a) Minimum/ Maximum stay requirements

b) Advance purchase rule violation

c) Seasonality, flight application violation

d) Weekend surcharges

e) Stopover, transfer surcharges

f) Incorrect RBD. (Mismatch between ticketed and booked RBD)

g) Incorrect Fare Basis

h) Unauthorized combination of fares and OJ rules

i) Open or waitlist sectors, where reservation is required

j) Blackout periods violation

k) Sales restriction

l) Incorrect tour code

m) CHD/ INF discounts

n) Baggage allowance

o) Reissue procedure and penalties

4- Contravention of refund rules.

a) Nonrefundable tickets

b) Over and duplicate refund

c) Incorrect refund against partly unused tickets

d) Refund against reissued ticket

e) Non- submission of supporting documents as per laid down procedures

f) Noncompliance with Kuwait Airways ticketing and booking procedures

g) Noncompliance with terms and conditions of Sales agreements

h) Noncompliance to minimum group size

i) Validation of tickets instead of re-issue due changes

j) Unreported traffic documents

k) Credit Card chargeback

l) Duplicate use/ refund of traffic documents

m) Unauthorized or incorrect refunds
n) Abuse of CIP selection rule
o) To cover GDS wastage cost even though a traffic document might not have been issued.

Transportation shall be subject to the fares and charges in effect on the date on which such transportation commences at the place of origin designated on the ticket. A fare and tariff is only guaranteed when the fare was auto-priced by the system and ticket was issued based on confirmed flights and reported in BSP/ARC.
Auto-priced and stored but not ticketed fares are subject to any price change. The ticketed fare remains guaranteed up to a voluntary first flight and/or itinerary change. Any change needs observation of the corresponding fare rule, which also applies to taxes which need to be reassessed in case of reissue/rerouting before departure. Auto-pricing manually manipulated will revoke auto-quote guarantee, however as long as the fare and other amounts are calculated correctly no ADM will be issued.
Dispute Procedure
An agent can dispute an ADM issued by Kuwait Airways via BSPLINK/ ARC Memo Manager within 15 days after issuance in accordance with IATA Resolution 850m with relevant supporting documents and/or justification to dispute.
Kuwait Airways will review disputed ADM within 60 days of receiving it and consequently accepted shall be cancelled and not included in the billing. Any dispute not accepted would be rejected through BSPLINK with justification and would be billed accordingly.
Any ADM disputed by agent and rejected by Kuwait Airways, or dispute raised by the agent after 15 days, shall automatically be processed and agent needs to pay for the ADM through BSPLINK.
“Dispute for tickets issued under GDS fare guarantee should be supported with FCMI and forwarded to GDS provider. Reimbursement for such ADMs deducted through BSPLINK will be made to Travel
Agents directly by their GDS provider.”

Failure to adhere by the outlined policy and procedure will result in Kuwait Airways taking necessary action as deemed fit, including, but not limited to the following:
1- Using the IATA mechanism to report non-payment
2- Inhibiting/closing out ticketing ability on Kuwait Airways
3- Inhibiting/ closing out access to Kuwait Airways inventory.
All ADM Disputes should be handled by the country of issuance KU accounts office and each individual ADM will reflect contact and E-mail ID.

Attachment “A”
Ticketing related ADM Matrix
ADM will be raised as per below matrix between applicable fare and ticketed fare or a flat amount plus 15% of the ADM amount as processing fee, which may be raised up to 20% to commensurate cost against agent’s increased violation.


Supplement “A”
Reservation related ADM Matrix
In continuous efforts to eliminate unnecessary cost and to provide our customers the best possible service and availability, Kuwait Airways carefully reviews all reservation activities, at the same time addressing avoidable GDS cost. This document shall provide you with a transparent overview of the circumstances under which an ADM will be issued and explain the guidelines that Kuwait Airways applies to ensure proper creation of PNR, issuance of tickets and providing travel related services in compliance with tariffs rules, General Conditions of carriage and other instructions provided by Kuwait Airways, IATA and GDSs. Kuwait Airways reserves the right to raise ADM equal to USD 8.00 per segment per passenger to compensate cost against all such reservation violations as described below. Terms of this supplement will be implemented in two Phases. This supplement will become effective with immediate application outside the scope of BSP until further notice.



Air Canada

Air Canada announcement on Baggage Allowance

For tickets issued on/after 14th April 2018 our Baggage Allowance to/from India over YYZ and YVR (non-stop flight) to the U.S. is 2PC.

**Subject to change without any prior notice.

Ethiopian Airlines

  1. Companion offer in Business Class for ET-689 Ex DEL

Ethiopian Airlines is pleased to announce “Companion offer in Business Class for ET-689”.

Buy one ticket and get 50% off on second ticket for destinations:  JUB/KRT /TLV/EBB /NBO/JNB  /YYZ/CAI/ LUN/ KGL/DAR/HRE//JIB/HGA Ex DEL

Valid for sale: 31st May, 2018

Travel should be completed on and before 30th December, 2018

Offer applicable on D and above classes i.e. D, J, C

Fare Basis: PPRINA

Tour code: DEL830A

Terms and Conditions:

  • Booking and ticketing should be done on same day
  • Offer can be withdrawn without any prior notice
  • Fare cannot be guaranteed unless ticketed
  1. Special promotional fares for Americas
Serial num USA &Canada One-way (INR) Return (INR)
1  Toronto, YYZ 37,090 67,142
2  Newark, EWR 39,967 69,064
3 Los Angeles, LAX 53,588 85,162
4 Sao Paulo, GRU 53,511 90,056
5 Washington, IAD 48,805 81,744
6 Buenos Aires, Argentina; EZE 54,823 94,335

Terms & conditions

  1. Fare inclusive of Taxes and Fuel Surcharge
  2. Free Baggage Allowance 2 Pcs 23kg each
  3. Fare Rules as per System
  4. Child/Infant Discount Applicable
  5. Fares are subject to change without prior notice
  6. Special promotional fares for Europe, Ex DEL
Serial num Destinations Fare basis Return fare Ex Delhi in INR
1 Brussels (BRU) TLDPRINA 36,200
2 Frankfurt (FRA) TLDPRINA 46,810
3 London (LHR) TLDPRINA 40,723
4 Milan (MXP) UHDPRINA 47,341
5 Paris (CDG) TLDPRINA 39,222
6 Stockholm (ARN) TLDPRINA 39,198
7 Dublin (DUB) TLDPRINA 41,021
8 Madrid (MAD) UHDPRINA 47,119
9 Rome (FCO) UHDPRINA 48,468
10 Vienna (VIE) UHDPRINA 47,851
11 Oslo (OSL) TLDPRINA 41,621

Terms and conditions:

  1. Fare inclusive of Taxes and Fuel Surcharge
  2. Free Baggage Allowance 2 Pcs 23kg each
  3. Fare Rules as per System
  4. Child/Infant Discount Applicable
  5. Fares are subject to change without prior notice
  6. Special fare on ET689

Ethiopian Airlines is please do announce special fare on ET689

Destination Return fare One way fare
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 40,486 24,076
Johannesburg, South Africa 51,613 29,366
Greater Toronto Area 67,142 37,090
Tel Aviv, Israel 31,460 18,430
Entebbe, Uganda 36,331 17,832
Nairobi, Kenya 32,175 20,016
Khartoum, Sudan 31,624 18,992
Hargeisa, Somalia 54,887 32,200
Cairo, Egypt 35,094 13,689
Lusaka, Zambia 55,330 29,422
Kigali, Rwanda 65,672 38,688
Harare, Zimbabwe 60,217 31,915

Terms and conditions:

  1. Fare inclusive of Taxes and Fuel Surcharge
  2. Free Baggage Allowance 2 Pcs, 23kg each
  3. Fare Rules as per System
  4. Child/Infant Discount Applicable
  5. Fares are subject to change without prior notice

Air Astana

Effective from 23rd April 2018, citizens of the Republic of India transiting  via international airports in Astana and/or Almaty to a third country or returning via Astana and/or Almaty  from a third country can enjoy a 72-hour TRANSIT VISA FREE REGIME.
Upon arrival at Almaty or Astana airport, passenger will be required to provide the following items to register at the border security station of the Kazakhstan National Security Council and obtain a TRANSIT CARD.

  1. Valid air ticket or boarding pass to a third country where passenger is planning to go within 72 hours
  2. Boarding pass receipt of the previous flight
  3. Valid passport with at least one blank page, visa for the final destination country (if applicable)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Applicable to both individual passengers and tour groups
  2. To avail, inform the Airline staff at the airport of departure city
  3. Ensure advance hotel bookings if planning to stay in Astana or Almaty
  4. Stay beyond 72 hours will result in fines and deportation

Air Astana daily flights between Delhi and Almaty. Business class return fare starts from all inclusive 81,514 INR, Economy class return fare starts from all inclusive 19,998 INR.

Air Astana 1.JPG

Delhi – Astana – Delhi

We also operate 3 times a week between Delhi and Astana. Business class return fare starts from all inclusive 81,484 INR, Economy class return fare starts from all inclusive 19,968 INR

Air Astana 2.JPG