In the past years, Emirates has provided you with our Schedules & Fares through the Global Distribution Systems at the highest practical levels. While this has largely been an effective method of distribution to the travel agency community, we have continually experienced escalating ‘unproductive segment’ fees. 


Each year, several hundred thousand non-productive segments, which do not lead to flown passenger result in unnecessary costs to Emirates. Airlines apply several measures (e.g. ticketing time limits, message alerts, etc.) in order to minimise such non-productive costs. While some can be reduced through automation, we seek your active contribution in reducing Wastage, by checking PNR queues daily and taking measures to cancel unnecessary segments.


The airline would like to draw your attention towards the following Examples of Wastage & Methods to reduce Costs.


Wastage Segment Cost and cancellation :

Segments with status codes HX, UC, NO, UN or other rejected segments status, that remain on the PNR and are not cancelled atleast 36 hours prior to departure, result in unproductive cost. 

Active queue monitoring and PNR servicing by a travel agent can help to keep this under check.

Duplicate Bookings :

Duplicate segment are when multiple segments are booked to secure space across flights/date class, for the same passenger or multiple bookings are made for the same passenger via different booking locations. This blocks valuable flight inventory & failure to cancel space in time results in loss of revenue & wastage cost to Emirates. 

Travel agents should ensure that passengers are briefed about ticket time limits & should refrain from making duplicate bookings. We have robotics that monitors such activities and Emirates will cancel duplicate bookings. Regular servicing of your queues & removal of unnecessary segments will mutually benefit us for continued business.

Excessive availability queries & abuse :

Excessive availability hits to secure space is considered as abuse. This result in excessive 

communication cost & affects system performance. 

Emirates monitor such abusive activity & will restrict booking capability from/of such points of sale.

Non-published booking classes :

Bookings made in industry travel classes & other unpublished classes generally attract GDS cost. Such bookings must be made through an Emirates office.

Speculative Names and Test bookings :

The passenger name in the booking must be exactly as listed in the passport or other legal travel document. Test or speculative bookings using Emirates live inventory are considered as abusive practice.

Examples :


For cases where test bookings have to be made for training purpose, please ask your GDS system provider to enable test environment. Avoid blocking inventory for fare quote purposes as this can be achieved by the use of ghost segments or an equivalent entry through your booking system.

Passive segments :

Passive segments are solely for the purpose of ticketing PNRs that already exist in the airline reservation system. Any other use will lead to the bookings being considered duplicate or abusive and be treated accordingly.

Inventory Churn

Cancelling &/or rebooking the same flight, date, class or itinerary to circumvent ticketing time limits is abusive behaviour.

Inactive segments :

Inactive segments must be removed from your GDS at least 48 hours prior to flight departure. These include all segments with status codes HX, UC, UN, NO, WK, WL, TL, WN, XX, XK, XL or their equivalent GDS/CRS codes, regardless of whether are ticketed or not. 

We will take steps to restrict booking capability and recover the costs from agents/GDSs that practice, allow or facilitate Wastage.



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