Emirates transit policy in Dubai

Emirates does not permit check in of baggage up to transit points. Baggage is always tagged from point of origin until final destination, unless stopover is permitted.

Customers cannot collect their luggage at intermediate points if their itinerary has no-stop (” X “) indicator on the ticket.

When a ticket is issued with a long transit ( X/DXB )in Dubai i.e less than 24 hours and passengers would like to move out of the airport and request at the origin airport to get short checked-in to Dubai, we would follow the below steps

  • The airport check-in staff will check the fare rules of the fare paid and if the ticket allows a stopover and the passenger has correct documentation to enter Dubai, the airport staff would short check the baggage to Dubai. The same will only be done after the ticket is re-issued by charging the applicable re-issue fee along with the Dubai airport taxes.
  • If no stopover is allowed, then the fare difference will have to be collected and accordingly, the baggage will be short checked-in until Dubai.
  • If a passenger is not in agreement to pay the fare difference, the passenger and the baggage will be through checked-in till the final destination.

Kindly note the re-issue needs to be done by the issuing agent. In the absence of the issuing agent, the charges will be collected at the ticket desk or the call centre. For more information on the same, you may get in touch with your sales executive or sales support desk.


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