Air India

Air India Maharajah extends the Credit Card Pass through Facility to Visa and Master Card issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank.
With Immediate Effect TMC cards issued by following banks will be classified as preferred banks for issuance of tickets in BSP India under Credit card pass through facility.

  1. American Express Cards issued by American Express.
  2. Master Card & Visa cards issued by ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank, YES Bank, IndusInd Bank, CITI Bank, SBI, Union Bank of India & Kotak Mahindra Bank.
  3. Diners Card issued by HDFC bank.

If agents issue ticket against non-preferred bank cards, Air India will raise ADMs on those agents for an amount of 3% Total value of the ticket plus applicable GST and Admin fee.

Travel agents to use TMC card of preferred bank only to avoid ADMs

Charge backs arising out of the credit card transactions will be the responsibility of the respective travel agent using the card.


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