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Qantas Airways Weekly Updates

  1. Qantas offers Companion Sale fares (GV2) from Mumbai, Delhi, & Bengaluru to Melbourne.


Fare basis : OIGV2
Travel Validity : Minimum 2 people
Sale Period : 01 Feb 2018 – 11 Feb 2018
Travel Period : 25 Mar-5 Apr , 23 Apr-29 Apr , 6 May-4 Jul, 30 Jul-27 Sep, 15 Oct-22 Nov
Advance Purchase : 3 Days
Valid on QF flights : QF35/36, QF37/38 only
Travel restriction : Via Singapore Only

Below are the sale fares:

Travel from : Delhi to Melbourne via SIN
Base Fare : INR 17,000 **
Travel from : Mumbai to Melbourne via SIN
Base Fare : INR 18,000 **
Travel from : Bengaluru to Melbourne via SIN
Base Fare : INR 19,000 **

Additional information:

OIGV2 fare is combinable with other fares.

Refer to GDS for more details.

** Excludes taxes and other surcharges

  1. Qantas introduces mixed class fares for travel from India to Australia.

What are mixed class fares?

Qantas offers passengers the flexibility to travel in the Business cabin on Qantas operated flights between Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth at an additional charge and experience the Qantas Business suite.

Mixed class fares provides a more affordable option for the passengers who want the comfort of Business suite only for Long haul flights (SEA-Australia) but don’t need it for the short haul flights (IN-SEA)

How do you book these fares?

  1. These fares are already loaded on the GDS.
  2. Flights from India to South East Asia ~ to be booked in economy class and  flights from South East Asia to Australia to be booked in I class
  3. If I class is not available you have the option to upgrade to D class at a charge of INR 25,000 /- One Way.
  4. Mixed class Fare basis details below
  • Fare Basis : QJII

Economy cabin to be booked in O/Q and Business cabin default class I class.

  • Fare Basis : SJII

Economy cabin to be booked in N/S class and Business cabin default class I class.

  • Fare Basis : KJII

Economy cabin to be booked in L/M/K class and Business cabin default class I class.

  • Fare Basis : YJII

Economy cabin to be booked in H/B/Y class and Business cabin default class I class.

  1. It will be combinable with all our India to Australia fares on ½ RT basis.
  2. There will be no restrictions in the routing. For E.g. SIN/BKK/HKG will have the same mixed class fare.
  3. Advantage of 40kgs baggage allowance throughout the routing even if you are travelling IN-SEA in economy class.

 Some example below on mixed class routing

Example 1

When IN-SEA is booked in O class and SEA-AU in I class the system will quote you the QJII mixed class fare

XSIN QF  3956  O    20MAY 0950  QJII            20MAY20MAY 40
SYD QF     2       I     20MAY 1930  QJII            20MAY20MAY 40
XHKG QF   127  I     20AUG 1000  QJII            20AUG20AUG 40
BOM QF  3953 O    20AUG 1945  QJII            20AUG20AUG 40

INR   125000      20MAY18BOM QF X/SIN QF SYD968.75QF X/HKG
QF BOM968.75NUC1937.50END ROE64.515910
INR    19253YQ    XT INR 850YM INR 258IN INR 154WO INR 144OO
INR     7213K3    INR 144SG INR 3036WY INR 2985AU INR 1301G3
INR     9238XT    INR 366I5
INR   160704                                                    

Example 2.

Outbound         : DEL SIN booked in M class and SIN SYD in I class – Mixed class fare basis will be KJII

Inbound            : SYD SIN booked in I class and SIN DEL in S class – Mixed class fare basis will be SJII




XSIN QF  3954  M    04MAR 0955  KJII            04MAR04MAR 40

 SYD QF    82     I      04MAR 1915  KJII            04MAR04MAR 40

XSIN QF    81     I     06APR 1025  SJII            06APR06APR 40

 DEL QF  3955  S    06APR 1940  SJII             06APR06APR 40

INR   132500      04MAR18DEL QF X/SIN QF SYD1046.25QF X/SIN

                  QF DEL1007.50NUC2053.75END ROE64.515910

INR    19698YQ    XT INR 54IN INR 154WO INR 288OO INR 288SG

INR     7610K3    INR 3036WY INR 2985AU

INR     6805XT

INR   166613          

Example 3.

When IN-SEA is booked in Y class and SEA-AU in I class the system will quote you the YJII mixed class fare




XSIN QF 3808 Y    05MAR 1110 YJII      05MAR05MAR 40

 SYD QF  82     I    05MAR 1915 YJII      05MAR05MAR 40

XHKG QF117  I    18MAR 1305 YJII      18MAR18MAR 40

 BLR KA  154  Y    18MAR 2100 YJII      18MAR18MAR 40

INR   145000      05MAR18BLR QF X/SIN QF SYD1123.75QF X/HKG

                  KA BLR1123.75NUC2247.50END ROE64.515910

INR    14628YQ    XT INR 8164K3 INR 1447IN INR 154WO INR 143

INR     3651YR    OO INR 143SG INR 3040WY INR 2990AU INR

INR    17911XT    1464G3 INR 366I5

INR   181190

~Flights are via selected cities in Asia. Flights between India and Asia are operated by partner airlines.

Flights between Asia and Australia are operated by Qantas.

  1. Learn about new cultures and discover new experiences every day when you study in Australia or New Zealand

Fly with Qantas to Australia or New Zealand and you’ll get your studies off to a great start.

If you have a student visa, and are travelling from Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad or Bengaluru to Australia or New Zealand on eligible one way economy ticket we’re happy to offer an additional 5kg baggage allowance (Total baggage allowance of 45kgs). This offer is valid only on Qantas codeshare flights (operated by Jet Airways). The 45kgs would auto price on the booking.

Sale Period         :  02 January to 31 March 2018

Travel period      :  07 January to 31 March 2018.

Terms and conditions apply^^

^^Mumbai/Delhi to Singapore/Hong Hong/Bangkok, and Bengaluru to Singapore flights must be on Qantas codeshare flight numbers operated by Jet Airways. Onwards flights from Asia to Australia must be on  Qantas operated flights. Valid on Qantas fares with a ticket number commencing in ‘081’.

  1. Qantas with Singapore Changi Airport is offering all passengers who purchase an eligible Qantas ticket between 1 October 2017 and 31 March 2018 an e-Voucher for use at selected outlets+ in Singapore Airport

Terminal 1, and Terminal 3 between 01 November 2017 and 30 June 2018.

Details below:

Sale Period        :           01 Oct 2017 – 31 March 2018

Travel Period      :           01 November 2017 – 30 June 2018

Passengers are able to redeem their S$20 e-vouchers at the below outlets at Changi Airport between 1 November 2017 and 30 June 2018.

Terminal 1 : Tip Top, Dunkin Donuts, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, Culto Caffe Ciocolato, Pandora, The Fashion Gallery, Airport Wellness Oasis, OWL Transit, Aerotel Transit Hotel {Redeemable for room accommodation-Walk-in rates only}, Plaza Premium Lounge {For 1 hour lounge usage only}, Kipling, Kaboom, Paul
Terminal 3 : Ambassador Transit Lounge {For 1 hour lounge usage only}, Ermenegildo Zegna, Luvenus, Singapore Food Street {Voucher in exchange for SGD 20 stored value card remaining balance is  non-refundable}, The Kitchen By Wolfgang Puck, Pret A Manager, Hudsons Coffee
Terminal 1 & 3 :

TWG Tea Boutique, Longchamp, Discover Singapore, Giordano



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