Ethiopian Airlines

  1. Ethiopian Airlines advise on their Best Booking Practices.


  • Ensure to provide customer’s first and last names exactly identical to the customer’s passport for international journey or ID card for domestic journey.
  • Ensure that PNR is provided with customer contact including correct mobile number in the correct field. This will facilitate ET to reach the customer when required to communicate flight delay, reschedule, cancellation, etc.
  • Ensure that ET record locator answer back is received on your GDS PNR.
  • Correctly update the status codes of all segments.
  • Ensure segment sequence control taking care of minimum connection time at each transit point etc.
  • Cancel the segments and PNR when advised by ET.
  • Ensure messages received from host for duplicate booking, duplicate segment, Ticketing time limit, ticketing rules and other instructions are strictly complied with.
  • Must report genuine ticket numbers that is valid for travel and associated to the itinerary in the PNR.
  • Must ensure collection of all taxes, fees and service charges imposed by local and foreign government.
  • Must ensure collection of various penalties for re-issue, refund, cancellation, no show etc.
  • Work your Queues, ensuring all status codes are actioned timely and accordingly.
  • Make sure to instantly remove inactive segments from your PNRs at least 24 hrs prior flight departure (UN, UC, HX, NO, WK, WN).
  • Make sure tickets are issued within the time limit according to the fare rule.
  • Ensure ticketed classes (RBD) correspond to the booked classes.
  • If your agency uses more than one CRS be sure to book and drive your ticket from the same CRS.
  • Release all unwanted reservations in advance (at least 24 hrs before flight departure).
  • Handle schedule change notifications instantly (update records, remove inactive segments).
  • Make sure and take action or cancel unnecessary segment in your PNRs with the following status code: US, UC and DS.
  • Ensure Passive Parameters are only used in the following instances and with all information matching:
  • When issuing tickets for a reservation made directly with ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES.
  • When ticketing for groups.


  • Avoid repeated cancelling and rebooking of the same or different flight, class, date or route to circumvent ticketing time limits or for any other reasons.
  • Do not hold space with fictitious names or under speculative names like NTBA/TEST… etc.
  • Do not hold space inputting fictitious ticket number.
  • Do not make duplicate/multiple reservations/waitlists for the same Passenger/journey.
  • Whenever booking a group space, do not request through your CRS, always contact local ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES sales offices.
  • Do not create post departure bookings.
  • Do not create bookings that violate minimum connecting time requirements of individual airline.
  • Avoid creating segments in a cancelled PNR.
  • Avoid making changes to host PNR under the control of ET.
  • Do not create active/passive booking transactions for achieving GDS productivity / incentive targets.
  • Do not break marriage logic of segments.
  • Do not force to create waitlist segment on a closed flight.
  • Do not change passenger names once PNR is created.
  1. Ethiopian Airlines now offering fully flat bed seats and in-flight entertainment Ex Delhi on ET 689 and ET 687
  2. ShebaMiles Miles

All the travel partners are advised to insert ShebaMiles of all passengers while making bookings

  1. Four new destinations on Ethiopian Airlines vast network from March 2018

Ethiopian Airlines is please to announce four new destinations to it’s vast network from March 2018. Buenos Aires(Argentina); Kisangani (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Mbuji-Mayi (Democratic Republic of the Congo) & Nosy Be (Madagascar)


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