Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius offers same day connections to Reunion Island with minimum Layover time.

                  MK 745   DELMRU        0800 1400

                  MK 238   MRURUN      1530 1615 / MK 248   MRURUN       2205 2300

Advance seat selection

Air Mauritius passengers can choose their seats in their preferred zone anytime once the booking has been confirmed. Seat selection can be done online via MyBooking on or by calling their travel agents or our city offices.

Exit row seats

These seats can be pre booked at our city offices or can done at the airport on the day of departure on first come first serve basis. Our exit row seats are much in demand as they offer more legroom to stretch out. Exit row seat can be booked at the cost of INR 3,000 plus JN EX- Bengalore/ Mumbai/ Delhi/ Chennai.

Additional baggage

Passengers can carry more baggage items than their entitled free baggage allowance at a charge. advance payment can aslo be done at MK city offices to save time at the airport.

A special note of thanks to all our customers and trade partners for their extended support to make our additional flight a great success


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