Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines GDS Booking Policy

Hong Kong Airlines is implementing the Global Distribution System (GDS) booking policy.

The guidelines set down in this policy should encourage you to use GDS in a proper way, and at the same time discourage any other practice that has or might have negative inventory implications.

The policy applies to all GDS users including travel agents, travel service providers and all travel professionals accessing Hong Kong Airlines inventory via the Internet or any other electronic means.

The travel agent must ensure that all its employees accessing Hong Kong Airlines inventory on all of its locations are familiar with this policy.

Hong Kong Airlines audits all transactions obtained from GDS BIDT (Billing Information Data Tapes) to identify non-compliant practices. Hong Kong Airlines reserves the right to charge the penalty for any and all non-compliant practices.


Please follow these instructions any time and without exceptions:

  1. Canceling reservations

Segments must be canceled and inventory released immediately when a ticket has not been purchased in accordance with the fare rule or when notified by a guest that travel is no longer needed, whichever comes first. Booking canceled by the airline system due expiry of time-limit or whatever reasons must also be canceled in the GDS.

The cancellation ratio (number of booked segments vs. number of canceled segments) differs from agent to agent. Cancellation ratio (the relation between booked and canceled segments) above 80% must be avoided.

  1. Inactive segments

Inactive segment can be identified with the segment status HX/UC/NO/US/UN. All inactive segments must be canceled from the GDS immediately when received but no later than 24 hours prior to departure.

  1. Passive segments

Hong Kong Airlines only allows Passive segments that are used for the purpose of ticketing. Passive segment must match an existing booking in Hong Kong Airlines internal reservations system. The use of mismatched segments to issue tickets, or to generate false confirmation is strictly prohibited.

Industry standards require that passive segments be used “for the purpose of ticketing” only after a booking has been made in an airline’s inventory system. Hong Kong Airlines does not allow passive segments to be used for other reasons, including but not limited to satisfying GDS productivity requirements, to circumvent fare rules, or to fulfill administrative functions, i.e. itinerary printing.

If a passive segment is rejected by Hong Kong Airlines, the passive segment should be canceled immediately by the agent following compliant usage in order to avoid unnecessary fees to the airline.

  1. Waitlisted segments

Waitlisted segment can be identified with the segment status HL/HN/UU. All waitlisted segments must be canceled from the PNR at least 24 hours prior to departure. Travel agents must not repeatedly create waitlisted segments.

  1. Churning

Churning is defined as repeated cancelling and rebooking of space with the purpose of circumventing ticketing time limits of the fare rule or the ticketing time limits set down by space control.

  1. Duplicate bookings

Segments booked (confirmed or waitlisted) for one guest in the same or different PNR, in the same or different GDS used by the same agency and for the same flight or for a different flight that logically cannot be flown.

  1. Fictitious or speculative bookings or ticket numbers

Segments booked for speculative reasons like holding the space blocked from the inventory or segments that are not requested by the guest. It is strongly prohibited and will result terminating the access and the penalty if:

– Intentional fictitious booking which may result in blocking a class from availability;

– False ticket number is entered into the PNR;

– False name is used;

– Voiding of several tickets before issuance of the ticket that the guest will use.

  1. Training/ Test bookings

Creating PNRs for training purposes using active sell segment status codes is prohibited. Test bookings should by no means be used for the purpose of itinerary pricing. Pricing transactions are available for all pricing requirements and it is the responsibility of the agency community to provide the personnel training necessary in order to foster the use of those transactions.

  1. Invalid Ticket on bookings

Holding confirm bookings with VOIDED/REFUNDED/FLOWN TICKET in live inventory is not permitted. Invalid ticket numbers include restricted, used, refunded, voided or non-existent ticket numbers associated with confirmed booking.

Booking needs to be canceled immediately if ticket is voided/refunded/flown. Once identified, such booking is subject to automatic cancellation.

  1. Point of Sale

Travel Service Providers should apply the eligible fare and applicable currency based on its location. Point of Sale must same as Travel Service Provider’s location. Using POS outside from Travel Service Provider’s location is prohibited.

  1. Reservation and Ticketing terminal (For China Market only)

Agents in China should use Travelsky as reservation and ticketing terminal to view, book, and ticket HX inventory.

Policy Violations

Hong Kong Airlines reserves the right to hold the Travel Service Providers responsible for any violations, and charge for any loss or damage caused plus the Administrative Fee. Authority for all interpretations of any and all violations will be entirely with Hong Kong Airlines.

Hong Kong Airlines reserves the right to cancel any booking, whether ticketed, or un-ticketed by Travel Service Providers in cases of non-compliance, or those who have been identified as non-compliant to any part of this policy.

Hong Kong Airlines reserve the right to block any travel service provider’s access to view, book or ticket HX inventory in case of non-compliance to this policy.

Hong Kong Airlines reserves the right to modify, add or remove parameters of this document.


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